We are a Venture Capital Firm
Empowering and joining daring startups to build and scale WEB 3.
Cutting through the Hype.
Investing in the next generation of game-changing startups based on personal battlefield experience is what drives our team of ambitious WEB3 enthusiasts turned venture capitalists.

Through WEB3, we seek to build financial and social infrastructures fuelling accessibility and openness.

We admire, support, invest, and share our resources with startups building these infrastructures.
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Our team and partners relentlessly support our portfolio companies throughout their venture building journey, offering support in branding, storytelling, public and media relations, growth hacking, and strategic collaboration.
Meet Our Team
  • Amirsan Roberto
  • Tamaz Tupuriia
  • Ilya Grechnev
  • Ismail Bagosher
We are excited to join and participate in WOW (World of Web3) Summit, a premium Web3-focused event in Hong Kong on March 29–30, 2023.
WEB3 space is evolving like never before, the scale of the industry delivers the promise of a bigger adoption as many will start to realize it has many benefits over traditional systems.
After dot com era and its boom gave rise to WEB 2 era that evolved creating centralization, and WEB 2 infrastructure undoubtedly helped onboard...
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